You’ve heard that LinkedIn is a terrific business development tool, but you just don’t have time for one more activity, and aren’t really sure how you would use it anyway. What if you could be shown how to use LinkedIn, more »

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Is your life in chaos? Even if it isn’t, you might want to map out your networks to help you understand where you can make it better or be prepared for any of the “wild cards” life tosses your way. more »

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“Your One-Sheet is your passport onto the next stage,” according to Kimb Manson Williams, designer of one-sheets for hundreds of speakers. Kimb was this month’s guest on the SkillBites Show, and gave great insights into creating an effective one-sheet. A more »

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Website … SEO … email marketing … videos … blogs … social media … how do you decide what internet marketing tactics to employ? In our SkillBites Show this month, we asked this question of internet marketing guru Rick Simmons. more »

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Hiring the right person for your organization is tough. It’s time consuming and, if you don’t do it right, it can be very expensive. Hiring the right sales person is even tougher, because sales people are very good at selling more »

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“Let me think about it,” says your prospect, or maybe she tells you, “I am not ready yet; call me in a few months.” How do you get those prospects to make a decision? Are there tips that can accelerate more »

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Podcasting tips

Podcasting is a powerful way for authors to expand their visibility and promote their expertise. This month, SkillBites invited Steve Lubetkin, managing partner of The Lubetkin Media Companies, to provide tips on producing effective podcasts. As Lubetkin explained, podcasts are more »

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This month, Terry Wildemann taught the SkillBites community a simple process for reaching our business and personal goals, related to the law of attraction. While the term “law of attraction” was made prominent by the book and movie The Secret, more »

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Angela Megasko, founder of MarketViewpoint, author of Ultimate Mystery Shopping and SkillBites customer, forwarded to me a blog post that was very disturbing. It concerned a woman who was about to launch her book when she discovered that it had more »

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Do you struggle with finding good quality prospects? Do you have a system for weeding out unqualified prospects? Phyllis Smith, President of EZIA Enterprises, Inc., shared with us on this month’s SkillBites Show a number of valuable tips to help more »

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