In the July SkillBites Teleseminar, Diane Hansen, Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching (, introduced the notion of creating a “happy pie” to help us identify the areas that need focus. The idea is to identify the main areas more »

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It would be wonderful if every prospect could be converted into a customer, but things just don’t work that way.  It can take hundreds of leads to get a handful of customers.  The struggle for business owners is finding a more »

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We all face stress in our lives, and have had situations where we didn’t handle it very well. Some of us find ourselves in a constant state of anxiety, or we know people who seem to be on edge all more »

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In the May 2014 SkillBites Author Teleseminar, Luisa Rasiej, an international speaker, mentor and transformational coach, shared her process for helping her clients attain the success they desire. Rasiej gave several amazing examples of the leaps made by her clients more »

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Everyone has times when they feel incredibly sharp and productive.  Wouldn’t it be great to have that feeling more often?  If that appeals to you, then read further. You can maintain focus and sharpness, by spending as little as 3 more »

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The tag line is: “Get wiser in 10 minutes.” Almost everyone would agree to that, but what exactly does that mean and what does the process entail? It works like this: think of SkillBites as an elite university where you more »

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Partnership Between & Several Of Its Participants Epitomize What the One Million Woman Link Up Movement Is All About Action speaks louder than words. To show the power of forming collaborative business relationships with business women involved in the more »

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Since there were over 328,250 books published in the United States in 2010,  it is very easy for potential (and even current) authors to feel overwhelmed and to get discouraged. It may sound unbelievable and walk the irony line, but more »

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From search algorithms to people shopping in a bookstore—everyone and everything is looking for the absolute best content. For a writer, creating copy, in whatever format and for whatever audience, is all part of the job. But condensing, targeting and more »

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Social media has been touted as an effective and inexpensive method for business development; but for many people, it is time-consuming and overwhelming.  In her hour-long teleseminar for SkillBites, Bobbie Raffetto, co-founder of All About Leverage, demystified the way to more »

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