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What if you could wave a magic wand and get your biggest problem resolved? In this month’s SkillBites Show, Nancy Dunleavy, CEO and founder of Dunleavy & Associates, and imminent author of Exercise Your Ask Muscle: the no-weight workout with more »

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This weekend, I chauffeured my son and 4 members of his boy scout troop to the annual first aid meet. This is an event in which patrols from the various boy scout troops in the area compete against each other more »

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Is your life in chaos? Even if it isn’t, you might want to map out your networks to help you understand where you can make it better or be prepared for any of the “wild cards” life tosses your way. more »

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Did you know that one out of every six adults in the US suffers from chronic headaches? It’s hard to get things done and enjoy life when you’ve got constant headache pain. SkillBites is pleased to announce its most recent more »

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In the July SkillBites Teleseminar, Diane Hansen, Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching (, introduced the notion of creating a “happy pie” to help us identify the areas that need focus. The idea is to identify the main areas more »

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We all face stress in our lives, and have had situations where we didn’t handle it very well. Some of us find ourselves in a constant state of anxiety, or we know people who seem to be on edge all more »

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Every month, SkillBites hosts a teleseminar on a topic designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business.  These teleseminars are open to the SkillBites community.  Details are provided in our monthly newsletter.  To join our community, just click on one of the free eBooks more »

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As you venture into the realm of eBook publishing, you will find yourself writing in detail about all manner of topics and their importance to your industry as a whole. As you work your way into certain smaller topics and more »

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Before you start writing your next eBook, keep in mind the rules about paragraph length, and the fact that different e-reader technologies will make your work appear differently. When you intend to submit your work for eBook publishing, you should more »

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