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An Attitude Adjustment for Presentation Skills

Can you really improve your communication skills? You already know that public speaking and presentation skills are essential for your business and personal success, but what can you do if you don’t feel comfortable making presentations?

With this SkillBite, not only can you improve your presentation skills, but you’ll enjoy doing so, and it’ll be easy and fun! Blair and Miller have been teaching for 30 plus years and have found that the traditional methods of teaching and/or coaching communication skills often miss the mark with clients; the concepts can be difficult to actually integrate into everyday use. This quick read incorporates crucial findings from years of teaching and captivates the reader’s attention through use of a sports analogy. Learning can be fun as you access the tips through the eyes, ears and body of a team player – understanding the rules of the game, the playing field, how to score and how to practice effectively. You’ll find many suggestions that will enhance your beginning presentation skills or polish your advanced technique.

“Miller and Blair have created a focused, detailed, and clear approach to presenting in any environment, for any purpose, and to any audience. Their use of commonly used terminology to illustrate the key points necessary to successfully presenting is practical and accessible. In this succinct format, Miller and Blair have honed in on the issues that most commonly sabotage even seasoned presenters, and detail the clearest and most direct solutions to frequently encountered issues with presenting. As a vocal coach and educator, I am always seeking the most concise and straightforward path to the practical use of concepts and the work of Blair and Miller is one of the clearest and serviceable tools I have encountered to date.”

Ailish Riggs
MFA, voice, speech, dialect and presentation coach.

“Having had the pleasure of working with both Blair and Miller on voice coaching in both a group and individual setting, I was impressed with their ability to hone in on the specific areas needing attention. As a frequent public speaker, I use the techniques they have taught me before and during my presentations to hit it out of the park. This guide provides a great tool for others to learn the tools and techniques needed to increase their presentation skills.”

Christine Cunneen
CEO of Hire Image LLC.

“Public speaking is an essential skill for most in business yet the process and techniques necessary for effective speaking can be very foreign and difficult to understand. This SkillBite does a great job of weaving a common analogy, sports, into the description, making it very easy to understand and internalize all the components of good presentations. Reading this note before any type of presentation would be a great benefit to any presenter. Until I worked with ARTiculate I never realized the more subtle aspects of a presentation that really make a difference in how the audience perceives your delivery. Any manager who makes presentations or speaks publicly should work with professionals like ARTiculate.”

Jason Newcomer
Senior Real Estate Manager, City Projects, Inc.

“This gem is coaching on steroids. A must-have for every presenter who wants to be a hall-of-fame performer.”

Bo Hansen
Research Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Presenter, HealthStream Research


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Getting Noticed

For businesses of all sizes and types, a key driver of growth is Getting Noticed by your target audiences and influencing their decisions. With the growth of the Internet and social media, as well as with other delivery channels, there are numerous marketing tactics to help organizations Get Noticed; however, the options are often overwhelming and can be outside the budgets of many organizations. Implementing a cost-effective public relations program can lay a strong foundation to build awareness for an organization. This SkillBite will walk you through some of the PR strategies that can be used to Get Noticed and grow your business. You will learn:

  • To set your goals and develop a PR plan to Get Noticed.
  • To identify your target audience(s) and develop messages to reach those key influencers.
  • Various PR strategies and tactics that can be leveraged to Get Noticed.

“Ms. Higgins has broken through the shrouds of ‘mystery’ surrounding PR by laying out good, step-by-step instructions on how Public Relations can be more accessible for mere mortals. You too, can do it! Using layman’s terms, and including suggestions which any size organization can execute, ‘Getting Noticed’ will allow you to formulate, implement and measure your Public Relations plan. From tips on public speaking to ‘putting on your reporter’s hat’, each section gives some nuggets of wisdom which should allow you to improve your PR approach from ‘haphazard at best’ to ‘planned and successful’.”
– Sandra Clitter
Founder and President of Your Tech Tamer, LLC.

“Sometimes good things come in small packages, and that is certainly the case with the SkillBites publication, ‘Getting Noticed.’ Author Karen Higgins, a respected public relations professional, covers enough content to fill the syllabus of a graduate level course in PR, yet she deftly delivers the salient information in less than 20 pages. It’s an essential briefing document for any business owner who could benefit from positive media attention. And couldn’t we all?”
– Kim Landry
President, Hollister Creative

“Karen Higgins is a consummate PR professional. She eats and breathes Public Relations because it’s her passion, not just her expertise. Committed to the discipline and the practice, she juggles B2B clients, participates in industry associations, and is a leader others look to for media and branding advice. With decades of experience among her accomplishments, it’s inspiring to see that she doesn’t rest on her laurels and the standard way of doing thing…she adapts to trends, learns new techniques, and makes sure that the way she sees public relations is ever-changing. Her authority and insights can help the PR novice as much as the PR veteran.”
– Andrea Frassoni
Marketing Writer & PR Manager Maxwell Systems, Inc.


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Do You Know What You Just SAID?!!!

Have you ever had that moment of terror when you accidentally said or did something that deeply offended other people? Every skilled communicator has had these moments. But with this communications resource, you can learn to avoid the common pitfalls of communicating with the opposite sex and people from other cultures. Put your career on the fast track by learning to master the practical know-how of communicating with diverse groups of people with ease—those from other cultures and the opposite sex. Improve your dating relationships or your marriage. Learn to “get through” to your adult children of the opposite sex. Be the perfect host with visitors from other countries. Be the perfect guest or business traveler as you communicate with customers and follow foreign customs. This book is a powerful business communication resource to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. This series of quick tips will help you effortlessly navigate tricky communications. A credible guide to decisive communication, it will serve as a perfect resource for mobile, social media, and digital communications on the go.


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Conversational Writing

Would you like to immediately capture the attention of your reader—and keep it? Would you like people to grasp the point of your message—and remember it? Would you like people to read and respond to your emails and other informal, yet crucial correspondence? Or even have your ideas read and respected when writing to a publisher? Well now you can! Internationally acclaimed speaker and author Dawn Jones presents “Conversational Writing” The do’s and don’ts of informal writing:

  1. Learn the do’s and don’ts of informal yet influential emails.
  2. Acquire the skills to get to the point and move your reader to action.
  3. Understand who’s in your audience and what persuades them.
  4. Discover the secrets of putting your personality to work in your writings.
  5. Discern what motivates people to respond to you NOT put you off.
  6. Recognize and avoid this costly, yet common mistake when it comes to texting and instant messaging!
  7. Know how to write emails, letters, and memos that increase your credibility.
  8. Taking your message to the world…how to have conversational writing with a publisher.

You’ll learn to apply Pulitzer Prize secrets into short and informal writings, while getting to the point and moving your reader to action! You’ll be able to discern the importance of writing to the right personality style along with understanding what NOT to do when sending emails, texts and instant messages. With a few easy adjustments to your current style, you’ll discover how to be informal yet professional with co-workers, employees and supervisors—regardless of generation, personality, or culture. You’ll also attain the skills to take your casual written communications to a higher level while being respected and admired by your peers. Dawn Jones is an internationally acclaimed speaker and professional trainer; she is passionate about helping people be their best and live life to the fullest!


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Confrontational Communication

Your success as a manager or supervisor will increase tremendously if you can skillfully deliver negative feedback with tact and respect for others’ dignity. Learn to offer constructive feedback while still keeping morale high on your team. The rules for management communications are changing rapidly with the adoption of new technology for communicating. This book is a handy management resource to communicate clearly, tactfully, and confidently in common problem situations. This series of quick tips is a credible guide to decisive communication, while also serving as a perfect resource for understanding the fast changing rules for mobile, social media and digital communications on the go. Excellent communication skills are a key factor in effectively managing and leading. This resource for managers and executives will take the guesswork out of how to deliver constructive feedback and any bad news to employees, customers, teams, and co-workers.


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