Power of Leadership Skills

Have you envied others for their leadership skills? Are you frustrated that you have not commanded the respect of other leaders you have observed? Simply put, you can change that by exhibiting the leadership skills reviewed in this program. Listen, Learn, and Grow.

Mike Siegel is one of the nation’s foremost experts in media and communication. He is an author, attorney and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, with a PhD in Rhetoric and Communications. Few others are as uniquely qualified for understanding the nature of human communication, the political system and business positioning.


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Power Communication for Success

This e-book guides you through the Leadership skills needed to thrive in a new age of communication. Mike Siegel, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and lawyer, recorded tips for professional communicators like CEOs and professional athletes.

Dr. Siegel’s teaching is an authoritative resource for the skills and focus to present yourself to others with effectiveness and self-assurance. The Power of Communication series will take you to the next level. Harness your talent through this ebook and achieve what you want.

You will learn leadership skills, persuasive communication skills, understand the non-verbal communications, and how to use communication technology in the workplace.


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Leading Effective Meetings

Why suffer through another monotonous meeting?

Be known as someone who gets things done. Apply the basics of great meeting management and get results—or neglect them and waste everyone’s time. Among other great techniques and meeting skills, you will learn to:

  • build an effective meeting agenda
  • encourage participation—if you want it
  • avoid situations that can derail the meeting
  • lead with personal credibility and excellent presentation skills
  • shorten the process leading to quality decision-making with appropriate analysis and meeting discussion techniques
  • deal effectively with problem participants by using effective facilitation skills

In this 28-page ebook, Dianna Booher offers 72 tips that help you with every aspect of the meeting, from assessing whether a meeting is necessary to rewarding the creativity and hard work of meeting participants.


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Embracing Change

Change is inevitable. When change occurs it happens on two levels, both of which can be tough to handle. Resistance to change through procrastinating, or trying to sidestep what’s occurring, is absolutely normal. Would you like to learn a way to rapidly control your mental and emotional reactions when stressed or when change hits? Would you like to know a strategy to better handle other people’s negativity toward change? Dr. Iverson will give you strategies for effectively dealing with the rapids of change.

  • Learn the 5 reasons why people automatically resist change
  • What you can do to expand the boundaries of your comfort zone, and how to help team members expand theirs too
  • Learn a tactic used by Special Forces to overcome the fear reaction to change
  • Know how to bring negative mental states under control more quickly
  • Learn a strategy for helping others proactively deal with change.


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Coaching and Managing Teams with Confidence

Coaching and Managing Teams with Confidence is a classic business communication resource to get your message across clearly, tactfully, and confidently in common management situations. This series of quick tips is a credible guide to decisive communication, while also serving as a perfect resource for mobile, social media and digital communications on the go. Excellent communication skills are a key factor in most career success stories, and this resource for managers will take the guesswork out of how to communicate with team members and executive management.


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