The Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SkillBites Author! We hope you find the experience rewarding. If you are having any problems with our system, please let us know. We want to make the process as user friendly as possible.

The SkillBites platform is designed for people to sell their short, practical self-help books online. Below is an abbreviated description of the process for becoming a SkillBites Author. For a more detailed explanation, please see the Author Guidelines.

The first step in the process consists of submitting a completed application form, provided below, and selecting and paying for the author package that fits your needs. All applicants must also accept the Author Terms of Service. SkillBites will review the application to verify that the author has the necessary qualifications as a subject matter expert in the subject of their book. If an applicant is not accepted, SkillBites will refund the full amount paid for the author package. Upon acceptance of an author, SkillBites will forward to the author the eBook template and Formatting Guidelines, as well as a guidebook on how to write a book quickly and easily.

Author Submission

The next step is to write the book. When the book is ready, the author should send it to SkillBites in accordance with the instructions in the Formatting Guidelines, including testimonials and a description of the book for the website. The description is what visitors to the site will read when deciding whether to buy the book. Gold and Platinum members will have their descriptions reviewed and receive recommendations for improving the book title and description to increase the likelihood that the book will be found on the internet.

SkillBites will then conduct an editorial review of the book, which is generally completed within two weeks from submittal of a book. If a book does not pass this review, we will work with the author to determine the best approach for improving the book to be able to pass this review. The author may choose to have SkillBites provide editing services for a fee, or may undertake to find others to provide that service. Books that pass the editorial review will undergo further editing, if included in the selected author package, and then the author will be given the opportunity to review the suggested edits and make further revision. When the author has completed the next draft, the author should resend the book to SkillBites. Gold and Platinum members are entitled to receive a second review for no additional charge.

After a book has been accepted as final by the author and SkillBites, SkillBites will upload the book to the website, as well as the description, testimonials, author bio and sample pages, and categorize the book. This generally takes about a week. Once the book is uploaded to the SkillBites site, the service fee will commence.

SkillBites will also arrange for the book to be distributed to Amazon and other online retailers, depending on the Author Package selected and to be available in print. It can take several weeks before the wide distribution and print versions are available. Gold members will receive 10 free copies of the printed book and Platinum members will receive 25 free copies. Additional copies can be ordered. Platinum members will also have their book recorded into an mp3 file.

SkillBites will provide the marketing and other services that are included in the selected author package. The author will be added to the SkillBites author community, and receive notices of upcoming author webinars and other special events. Authors will receive quarterly reports on the sale of their works, and quarterly royalty payments, as further described in the Author Terms of Service.

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