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Handbook On How To Commute By Bike And Ditch The Car

Commuting by bike to work can have its ups and downs. On the upside are: health & fitness, saving money, and not polluting the environment. While on the downside are: potential encounters with cars, dealing with the weather, and fixing flats. For me, the upside far outweighs the downside, which is why I choose to ride a bike rather than drive a car. The Handbook I have written provides practical advice on how to minimize risks and maximize enjoyment on the bike.


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The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide: How To Get Your Project On The Right Road For Success

You are smart and talented – attributes your boss notices when assigning you to lead the company’s next big project. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it also comes with high risk and visibility. You need to make sure everything goes well, but you don’t know where to start. The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide is designed with you in mind. Did you forget about cost? Are you ready for unexpected surprises? How will you keep track of your team? The answers to these common project management questions – and more – are found in this guide. By using The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide, you will succeed far beyond expectations.

It’s time to get your project started on the path to success with The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide. Designed for emerging new managers, this step-by-step guide shows project leaders how to quickly organize their thoughts, develop a plan, launch a project, and lead the team to a success. Above all, it shows how to manage a project with a minimum of effort while obtaining maximum results!

Written by Jon McGlothian, who time and time again figured out how to deliver results in challenging and changing environments, the book provides you the formula for running a successful project that will help you to methodically and professionally accomplish your business goals in today’s project driven world. Using this formula, you’re sure to get your project off the ground and lead your team to a successful and productive project close.

Just had a project leadership assignment dropped on you? This may be something you have been dreaming of or way out of your comfort zone. Regardless you need a leg up. A virtual or real trip to the project management library will lead you to a bewildering and daunting collection of books and courses. No need to worry. Use Jon McGlothian’s project management guide to get you started. It explains the essentials for a first time project leader in a clear and practical manner.
Paul Van Doren, PMP, CSEP
Data Manager, Digitally Assisted Close Air Support at Scientific Research Corporation

The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide is an excellent book for new and evolving Project Managers. It reviews how projects are supposed to be run, as well as what you can expect coming in the door to your first project or even your first one at a new organization. Every project is different and this is the first book that I’ve seen that focuses on the need to know information from first-hand experience and not just theories and best practices. I wish I’d read this book before my first ‘real project’ and will keep it close by as a refresher.
Rob Alban, MBA, PMP
Project Manager at Anthem

You’re in charge! If this is the first time you have heard this in your career and you don’t know where to start, let a former Army Ranger and current Project Management Professional lead your way. Jon McGlothian has put together the basic tenets of project management into a quick guide for first time project manager. This is an easily digestible quick reference that anyone can understand.
Assistant Director of IT at City of Chesapeake

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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Mighty Magic Mommy

Finding your path in life can be exhausting, challenging, downright scary, and exciting. Illustrated by inspirational stories of her own challenges, Nicole Pica shares how she developed resilience and reminds us that even in the face of adversity we’re strong, courageous, and powerful. She shares her advice on reaching true happiness, confidence, and success wherever you are in your life.

Nicole is a wife and mom of two boys. First a scientist and now the founder of a coaching business, Reinvent U, Nicole helps people create methods of change that focus on reducing stress, optimizing the mind’s potential, career growth, and a healthy work/life balance. In Mighty Magic Mommy she shares many of these methods. Although she plays a critical role in helping others find their inner power, you’ll see that her most important job is being a mommy and to her, this is the true meaning of living with purpose.

In addition to walking through strategies and techniques for positive change, Nicole talks about what success really means. She notes, you have to be the president and CEO of your mind, making executive decisions that work for your life. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about embracing every part of you and becoming an expert at being you.


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How to Get More of What You Want

How to Get More of What You Want was born from Gary Brunson’s three decades as a business consultant to entrepreneurs. He realized that while his clients came to him with all kinds of situations, a common denominator for many was that getting what they wanted seemed to elude them. With the processes described in this book, Gary has been able to help them get back on track and achieve the satisfaction of actually getting more of what they want. By reading this book, you’ll gain the benefit of the questions he uses to guide clients to re-evaluate and reset their thought processes as well as their habitual patterns of relating to others. Then you can make your own action plan to get more of what is most important to you.

I love this book, and I’m fortunate to have the author and his wisdom in my life. Gary fortuitously wandered into my world eight years ago at a time when my business and personal life were in a state of upheaval. In that brief exchange, he instantly captured what I was going through and how unhappy I was that I was not getting out of life what was truly important to me. I immediately began working with him both on myself and on my business. Thus began a journey of self-discovery and wonder that continues today. The insights Gary shares in this book have positively impacted how I relate to others in every aspect of my life. Gary gave me the tools to navigate every difficulty and challenge. He truly made a difference in how others, and I myself, perceive who I am in ways that allow me to understand and get what I want out of my life.
Tom Koroch
President and Managing Partner, Elk Components Inc.
Elkhart, Indiana

Gary has walked me through numerous variations of the outline in this book. I have gained insight into my motivations that were not immediately apparent, especially not apparent to me. Working through this process has assisted me in creating practical action plans to address road blocks in my business development. Furthermore, this process has given me valuable insight into the reasons I allowed these road blocks to develop in the first place. The way Gary has used this and other insightful processes has helped my entrepreneurial journey move from reactionary desperation to one of strength and intentional expression.
Jonathan Corbin
Owner, My Tree Climber Inc.
Goshen, Indiana

Gary has been a great guide to me. Be it in dealing with business owners or support staff, he taught me to look at situations from completely new perspectives. As a coach, he showed me the value of questioning techniques and the value of introspection. A discussion with him at any time has made me feel rejuvenated. Each time I have emerged from uncertainty to a point where I could see the end of the tunnel. What I liked the most about working with him is that he always acknowledged my fear first and yet made me see solutions to my apprehensions through discussions with him.
Ray Hunsberger
Vice President of Human Resources, Cardinal Services
Warsaw, Indiana

Gary has been a valuable resource over the past seven years in helping me move my business forward. His experience and approach to business have helped me become more decisive and profitable.
Mike Presnal
President, MCE, Inc.
South Bend, Indiana

As a solo lawyer, I contacted Gary with the desired outcome that my time would no longer be the sole method to support my family. With Gary’s guidance I’ve achieved that. First, he held me accountable to memorialize the systems of my law firm and then benchmark a management employee position. As a result, my company hired my best employee ever. Second, Gary helped me replicate the systems and apply them to two additional businesses we created. Because those systems now clearly communicate my expectations and streamline our processes, those businesses are now adding to my retirement funds as they are managed by my best employee ever.
Michael Metz
Elkhart, Indiana


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Farm to Table for Schools

Farm to table is making its way into restaurants, and is slowly making its way into schools. This movement makes a lot of sense for schools: it provides great publicity and attracts a higher level of student; it exemplifies the lessons on environmental stewardship that the school wants the students to learn; and it provides greater nutritional value in the food being provided. The challenge is to figure out how to implement such a system within the confines of a school system – delivery times, budget, bureaucracy, etc. This book provides a step-by-step guide on how to implement a farm-to-table approach for schools, written by a chef who has implemented farm-to-table systems in many schools.

Chef Budd Cohen’s love for food is deeply rooted in his family. While his grandparents in¬stilled a love of cooking and inspired Budd, today he generously shares his wealth of knowl¬edge so that your children can benefit from recent healthy food movements.
Darryl J. Ford
Head of School, The William Penn Charter School

Budd Cohen has been at the forefront of the movement to transform school food. In our region, he is a leader in promoting the idea that school cafeterias can serve healthy, local and delicious food. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how to implement a successful Farm to School program at their school.
Tatiana Garcia-Granados
Common Market Philadelphia, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Chef Budd Cohen has documented one of the most ex¬citing chapters in the Local Foods Movement, helping to ensure a long-term transformation. Farm to Table for Schools adds an inspiring personal story and an instruc¬tion manual for taking action.
Mary Ann Ford
co-founder and co-owner of Harvest Local Foods
Lansdowne, PA


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