Why Choose SkillBites?

The business world is tough. Whether you operate your own business or work for someone else, it’s hard to reach the top — to become the company everyone wants to buy from, or the leader who inspires a league of followers. If you are looking for a way to distinguish yourself from others — to elevate your station above the fray – you have come to the right place.

Publishing a book enables you to position yourself as a leading authority in your industry. It provides instant credibility as well as visibility, making it easier to gain the notice and trust of prospective customers. Publishing a book can open new doors to speaking engagements, lectures, radio and print interviews, and other public venues that can further increase your visibility. Your published book becomes a valuable marketing tool to leave with prospective customers or to share with present and former clients — gestures that generate good will and good leads. Publishing can also provide a nice source of passive income.

SkillBites has created a niche in short “how-to” eBooks of roughly 20 pages (or 4500 words). You will find our process much easier than writing a full-length book, and your book will more likely be read since it’s so conveniently short. We provide you with a template, you provide the content, and then we publish it. Should you need guidance along the way, we can provide you with assistance. We offer many valuable services, such as editing, formatting, cover graphics, title and description consults, and other functions associated with traditional or eBook publishing.

We offer three distinct packages to fit your budget and your needs. All three packages provide the author with a published eBook in multiple formats, with broad-based distribution to major online retailers as well as availability in paperback. The Silver Package is a good choice if you are primarily seeking to obtain the credential of being a published author. The Gold Package provides enhanced editorial services as well as several hours of marketing assistance, and is more appropriate if you desire a more professional, polished product, and marketing support for promoting your book. The Platinum Package includes a comprehensive edit of your book, followed by substantial professional marketing, PR and coaching services designed to assure your book achieves bestseller status.

As many authors know, writing a book does not equate to selling a book. In fact, without good marketing, your book is unlikely to sell. Marketing efforts need to begin before your book is published, which is why we built a pre-launch strategy session into each of our three packages. We also include a marketing guide with each package, and provide assistance towards developing a marketing plan. The Gold and Platinum Packages offer significantly more marketing services, as well as some public relations services. With our Platinum Package, we even guarantee that your book will achieve bestseller status, or your money will be refunded.

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