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Neighborhood BookDrop

This article appeared in a neighborhood newsletter, on 4/11/19.  I thought it was a great idea, so I am passing it one. Late last fall we planted a Little Free Library in our front yard.  Have you seen the boxes around more »

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Tips for Getting Massive Book Sales

In 2011, Derek Doepker was a broke rock musician, working as a valet at a restaurant, and had to sell his keyboard to pay his rent.  Fast forward to today, he is now a 7 time bestselling author who has more »

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Gaining a Sales Mindset

Businesses can’t survive without sales; yet many small business owners who have significant expertise in their field have limited sales skills.  In this month’s SkillBites Show, our guest, Chris Spurvey, provided some simple tactics to help attract opportunities and improve more »

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Book Marketing FAQs

This is the 3rd blog post in a sequence, and it is on book marketing FAQs.  The prior 2 were on book writing FAQs and book publishing FAQs. 1. How do you run a book launch? Answer:  There are many more »

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Book Publishing FAQs

In last week’s blog, I answered several FAQs concerning book writing.  This blog covers FAQs concerning book publication. 1. After my book is written, what comes next?   Answer:  There are several steps needed before your book can be published. more »

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Book Writing FAQs

In this blog and the next 2, I will answer some of the frequently asked questions I get on writing, publishing and marketing a book.  This blog covers FAQs on book writing. 1. How long should my book be? Answer: more »

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Getting Others to Promote You

When someone brags about their own abilities, we generally take it with a grain of salt; but when we hear someone else extoll someone’s expertise, we take notice and give it more weight.  And when that someone else is a more »

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Exploit LinkedIn for Business Development

What do most people do today when they are considering buying from another company?  They search online to read about the company. Google gives high ranking to LinkedIn, resulting in LinkedIn profiles coming up high when searches are done in more »

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Tips on Starting Your Own Home-Based Business

Admit it — you’ve often considered creating your own small business after spending day after day inside a tight-packed cubicle under fluorescent lights or watching hours and hours of daytime television after the kids have gone off to school. Or, more »

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Grow Your Influence

Influence is a hot topic.  Dale Carnegie was probably not the first author of a book on influence, but his book How to Win Friends and Influence People may be the best known book on that topic.  Being able to more »

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