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Nicole is a wife and mom of two boys. She loves family, learning, inspiring others, and collaborating with people of all backgrounds and skill sets. She believes everyone has something to teach someone else. She dislikes traffic, bugs, and judgmental people. It’s taken her most of her life to learn how to deal with anxiety and stress, and at almost forty years old, she knows it’s part of her, but a very tiny, unimportant part of her that’s sometimes annoying and more often laughable.

She began her career as a scientist and later transitioned into the recruiting industry, where she was involved in over 150 separate hiring decisions. In 2014, Nicole launched her own career and stress management coaching business. She works with individuals seeking to enhance their performance, develop their personal brands, and obtain new career opportunities. In addition to career planning, she uses her scientific background to communicate education around positive thinking, well-being, and stress management. She incorporates concepts and education from the fields of positive psychology and the biological sciences as well as career management practices to help people reinvent themselves and create the futures they deserve. She works one-on-one with people to create methods of change that focus on optimizing the mind’s potential, leadership, and career growth.

Nicole is a certified personal trainer and certified fitness nutrition specialist. She holds a certificate in positive psychology and a bachelor of science degree in biology. In the fall of 2016, she’ll embark on some graduate studies in neuroscience to further understand how the mind works.

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