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Accountability in the Workplace

Accountability is the willingness to answer for results.

Webster’s definition: “subject to having to report, explain or justify; being answerable, responsible.”

Delegation without accountability is just distributing the work

Delegation is the second most difficult thing for managers to learn; accountability is the most difficult thing to master for management. Sadly, a majority of managers don’t have a clue about how to hold people accountable, and … to hold themselves accountable. Many think, and claim, they do, but in reality they don’t practice it effectively.

Why is this? Why do most leaders have difficulty exercising proper accountability?

They are used to working in a culture of conflict avoidance. It is much easier to let things go than to try to hold people accountable and face conflicts.

They lack the skills to deal in accountability. Because it is a difficult thing to learn, most people don’t have the skills needed.

This eBook describes the benefits of establishing a culture of accountability and the steps for implementing accountability in an organization.

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