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Starting with what we know

Because we are always communicating, we need to look at how people relate to sales and marketing. Here are 5 things that I have found to be true.

  1. People are moved by emotion to buy and that very same feeling is what moves them to refer people to you.
  2. People love to buy. Our economy is based on this.
  3. People hate to be sold. How many times has some one “pitched” you and made you want to walk away?
  4. People prefer to buy from people. When we buy from a person, there is the experience of being connected. It’s comforting to know someone is standing behind what we buy.
  5. People like to buy from those they know, like and trust.

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and the food was excellent but the wait staff was inattentive? Providing excellent products and services is a great start. This doesn’t guarantee that you will have people talking about you. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to have people appreciate you for more than your products and services. The truth is that people are more likely to remember how you made them feel.

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