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Introduction: How to Build a Business Through Telephone Cold Calling

I was like most new business owners when I started my company. I had brand new letterhead, an idea, a logo, and just one customer.

I did not have a network to refer me business, nor did I have a website.

I remember thinking, “I better do something fast, or I will never get my business off the ground.”

So, I started the old fashioned way. I got a calling list and a telephone. Then, I spent hours making lots and lots of telephone calls.

It worked!

Within months, I had clients across the country and two new assistants to help me with the work.

Since then, I have built an entire business making business to business (B2B) cold calls for other companies. This booklet will present all the basics to determine whether cold calling is for you and if it will help you plan a successful campaign.

What this booklet will address:

  1. Why firms avoid cold calling – and tools to put in place to overcome avoidance.
  2. The immense benefits of B2B telephone cold calling.
  3. Components critical to designing the right campaign.
  4. Hiring an excellent cold calling team.
  5. Writing a winning script.
  6. Setting your expectations, and knowing what return to anticipate.
  7. Answering the question of whether to create an internal operation or outsource your cold calling.
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