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The reading glasses, the increased visits to the dentist, the additional medications, the switch from racquetball to golf — these are all indicators that our bodies are changing with age. To adapt to this aging, one thing we need to consider is the type of care we wish to receive — and the setting in which we get that care. It should not just “happen” to us. Most people would choose to stay in their home as long as possible, even if it means having care giving services. But, in order to really make the most of your later years, it helps if you prepare the home for the future.

This eBook provides a number of easily available options that will allow a person to increase the utility and enjoyment of their home while decreasing the risk of injury. We begin with some background information, then discuss generally the key areas to assess for modification, and then provide more detail as to these areas. We wrap up with some budgetary numbers for the modifications and how to find contractors to help do the work.

The Most Dangerous Places

The Top Ten Causes of Consumer Injury for 65+ are, as defined by the US Consumer Products and Safety Commission:

  1. Stairs, Ramps, Landing, Floors
  2. Beds, Mattresses, Pillows
  3. Chairs, Sofas, Sofa Beds
  4. Bathroom Structures and Fixtures
  5. Carpets, Rugs
  6. Tables
  7. Ladders, Stools
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