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Your Work At Home Journey

Freelance writing is any writing that is done on a contractual or project basis.

As a freelance writer, you are your own boss. You find your own work, complete it, track it, manage yourself, market yourself, and essentially run your own business. While that can sound like a lot of work, it also entitles you to a life of freedom. Writing can be done from any place at any time and has very little overhead. Many people who like to write consider it a dream job!

There is no commitment to any one employer when you are performing freelance work. Generally, you perform your work as an independent contractor and manage your own taxes.

While freelance writing is difficult work and quite competitive depending on your market segment, you absolutely can succeed as long as you are tenacious and get the information you need to do it right.

If you’re new to starting a freelance writing career, you are in the right place. If you have been freelance writing and haven’t found the success you desire, you are also in the right place. This book is going to help you get into gear so you can set up your own website, start getting clients, be productive with your work, know where to look for freelance writing jobs and make the income you desire!

Let’s take a closer look at how you can build yourself in this career, so you can enter the world of successful freelancers!

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