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Gain New Leads Quickly With This Method

Beginning a freelance writing career can seem daunting at first, and that’s why this book starts you off with a sure-fire method for gaining clients quickly.

You have to think from the perspective of a potential buyer who doesn’t know you. While YOU know that you are an experienced and capable writer, they don’t. This means, you need an edge – something that will separate you from the herd. Many freelance writers offer free samples of their work in order to gain the trust they need to acquire clients. But that won’t separate you from the other freelance writers because that is what everyone is doing. A unique approach would be to offer potential clients a free custom article.

This method helps you to grab the attention of your potential clients. Rather than offering them a sample of your writing, which may not pertain to the writing style or topic they are interested in, offering a free article on a topic of their choice, shows them that you are an experienced and diversified writer. Plus, they love the fact that they are getting free content that they can use however they wish.

People have nothing to lose by accepting an offer like this, and it benefits both of you. They are given free content, and in exchange, this inspires them to hire you for additional projects. This is because consciously, when someone gives you something, you become far more loyal to them and want to give them something in return.

Now, you want to be careful offering free content in order to insure you are focusing your energy on securing as many clients as possible rather than just ‘freebie seekers’ (and there are many of those out there). To do this, you can state in your promotion that instead of offering content to the first xx people who respond, you are manually selecting whom to work with. This way, you can quickly determine whether or not you feel they would actually hire you. It doesn’t make sense to do free work for someone who would have no interest in potentially hiring you at a later date.

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