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An Introduction to Magnetizing

Magnetizing is the ability to create by choice what you want in your life. You decide what you want and then by using the principles of magnetizing you bring what you want to you. This is not evil or witchcraft. This is using our God given talents to create our reality!

Magnetizing and Insight

All creation begins with our minds. We are only limited by our imagination. Our thoughts are energy and what we think and feel has the power to magnetize and manifest that which we are focusing on: a new house, new job, promotion, new partner, etc..

Who Is A Magnetic Person?

A magnetic person is someone who isn’t afraid to ask for what they want or to dream big dreams. They appear to have it all, and they’re happy and successful. They are positive, optimistic and know what they want and believe they will get it. They exude confidence. Sometimes, we call these people “lucky”. You can be “lucky”, too!

Blocks To Magnetizing

Many of us were taught by parents, clergy, teachers, friends, and others that we cannot have what we desire, that life is hard, we shouldn’t want more, and we should be happy and grateful with what we already have. We are made to feel guilty or ungrateful for wanting more! This holds us back.

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