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Email Marketing

As the Internet has grown, email marketing has become one of the most efficient and cost effective tools for online marketing. Marketing through email increases your brand loyalty and your customer service through the eyes of your customers. When permission based email marketing is done right, it can be more effective than any other type of online marketing strategy.

The number one activity online is email. This is why email can be used as a great online marketing tool. Many Internet users say that they would rather get marketing messages in their email than be bothered by sales phone calls at home.

Permission Based Email

One important key to an effective email marketing strategy is to only focus on permission based mail. This means that customers need to choose to receive mail from you. This is known as “opt in.”

You should never rent or buy an email list since this is considered to be spam. No matter what the owner of the e-mail list will tell you, the majority of the addresses on the list did not opt-in to receive email or to have their personal information sold to you. When you send email to people who don’t want it, you’re sending spam.

Spam will give your company image a cheap look and take away any trust that customers have in you. You want leads that are quality and not quantity and this means building your own email list. You’ll find that having a targeted, opted-in list will be tremendous to you and your business.

The one thing you need to remember is not to abuse a person’s trust once they give you their private information and email address. Let your customers know that you value their trust and will respect their privacy.

You can do this through a privacy policy on your website where you promise not to sell information to other businesses or vendors. You can go so far as to let your customers know what you’ll be emailing them and how often they can expect it. Always provide people with the option to remove themselves from your email list. This promotes customer confidence.

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