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The System is Vital

Alexander Pope in 1738 said, “Order is heaven’s first law.” This applies to the workings of everything—cars, phones, a plant, effective teams, a clock, etc. For anything to work at its optimum level of effectiveness, it needs order to make that happen.

Let me ask you, if you could add one extra hour to your day, or if you could save one hour a day—would you want to know how? Would you like to know how to boost your productivity without working any harder? Would you like to gain strategies for organization and prioritizing that will simplify your life instantly, right now?

Do you ever procrastinate? I’m going to give you a multiple ways to break through the procrastination habit. And how would you like to learn ways to get more done faster and easier? Would that be of interest? Well we’re going to do all of this and much, much more.

Keys to Organizing

This program is a compendium of information. A “compendium” is a body of knowledge residing in a specific location. You’re going to get dozens of strategies that help you use your time better, save you time, free up your time, prioritize more effectively and overcome the seven biggest time wasters. What you have here in front of you right now, is a compendium of information about how you can become masterful at managing your time.

What would it be like if you could truly gain an hour a day? If you had an extra free hour a day, what would that mean to you? If you think about it, a free hour a day during each workday, is five hours a week—that’s 250 additional hours you would pick-up in a year!

That’s the equivalent of one-and-a-half months of eight hour days, that you would gain to work, to play, to learn, to do whatever you feel like doing. This is an opportunity to rapidly enhance your productivity by at least 12%. If you even take just one or two of these strategies I’ll give you, let alone using all 30-plus of them, you can make a gigantic difference in your life.

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