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THE 180 Rule What is it?

Did you ever wonder why, when a new idea or concept is introduced, there is always an abundance of negative or discouraging feedback? Just mention an idea for a new business process, or a plan to move your life in a new direction, and it’s as if out of the woodwork, people respond with a barrage of reasons why your new endeavor will never work…as if they are on a mission to sabotage your ideas and dreams.

The 180 Rule embraces this reality and puts it to work in both your business and personal life to help you achieve great results. Commitment and engagement to the mission are more easily achieved because the door is open to candid participation. The 180 Rule achieves results using our natural tendencies and abilities. Its root principles are based upon scientific studies of how our brains operate and how we can take advantage of that naturally occurring negativity – self-sabotaging thoughts. The 180 Rule, although simplistic in process, delivers exceptional results from the awareness of problems to successful solutions. It’s time to stop retraining ourselves and fighting our natural behaviors in an effort to be successful, and turn to the power we all have within.

Before we dismiss this as just the product of other people’s discouraging or toxic leanings, consider that it also occurs within our own minds. Many courses of action have been abandoned within our own thinking as we ourselves create a mental list of reasons why we should just give up. Schools of positive thinking teach us that we should turn away from such thoughts. But the magic of the 180 Rule is channeling that negative energy into positive action and results.
Where do these thoughts originate and why are they so powerful and common in all of us? This has been the topic of scientific study that originated back in 1948 and continues today. It is called the Negativity Bias. These studies set out to determine why we come up with negative thoughts with greater ease than positive ones. Is this a behavior trait that is learned during our development as we grow up or is it a natural tendency that depicts how we are wired as humans? While this question continues to be debated, the 180 Rule process brings results, regardless of the negativity bias origin.

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