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Adopting the right mindset is the missing link in determining whether women-owned businesses will be successful in doing business with the government. Some of the assumptions holding women back include: “My business is too small to do business with the government,” ”There will be too much paperwork involved,” or “I attended a workshop and now I feel completely overwhelmed.”

As the owner of a woman-owned business, the biggest obstacle for me was my mindset, which made the difference between failing and succeeding in gaining the government as my customer. In the end, I succeeded and this book will show you how to do the same!

I’ll explain the 5 essential mindset shifts that will make you successful. I’ll provide the information you need to understand government thinking, and then I’ll outline 9 successful strategies that work.

If you read this book and apply what you learn, you will increase your ability to win contracts and take on the government as a customer. While this book is written for women-owned businesses, men may find it helpful as well and at the very least, it will help them gain an insight into how women approach various situations in business.

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