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Chapter 1: Being Better

“Being unique is better than being perfect.”

Mornings are my favorite mommy time. Around 6:30 a.m. I get to see the excited, thrilled to start the day, smiling little face of my one-year-old and the not so thrilled to be getting out of bed, not so little face of my seventeen-year-old. I’m mommy to two boys, one just starting life and one starting college in less than two years! I’ve learned so much over the years—when to worry, when to not, when to be excited, when to be sad, when to be serious, when to laugh, when to be tough, and when to let go. Some people laugh at me because I still make my seventeen-year-old breakfast and pack his lunch in the mornings. They say, “He’s old enough to do it on his own.” Hey, at least I stopped writing cute little notes on his napkins. Truth be told, I love doing it because it’s a way for me to still “take care” of him. And he truly appreciates it since he’s not a morning person, and does many other things around the house in return.

As Christian is mustering up energy for the day and sprinting for the bus, Matthew is consumed with breakfast, kisses, and snuggles. He spends his naptime lying on top of me, which people say I’m crazy to let happen, but I’m okay with it because what’s even crazier is that I’ll blink and diapers and wipes, lullabies, bedtime stories, trucks, and teddy bears will all be gone. So I’ll cherish this time every day since I know firsthand how fast this time will go and how, one day, I’ll really miss 4:00 a.m. cuddles, crushed Cheerios in every crevice of everything, and smashed blueberries all over the dining room floor.

In addition to my mommy gig, I have my own coaching business, which I absolutely love. I’ve taken everything I learned from my training and experience as a scientist and my experience in the corporate staffing world and rolled it into one package to help people be better. I help people reinvent themselves by showing them how to optimize their minds’ potential, manage their stress, advance their careers, and create a work/life balance.

Speaking of “being better,” what does that mean? Does it mean things won’t ever fall apart again? You won’t ever have sadness? Things won’t ever be harder than they should be? I used to think it did, but now I know it doesn’t mean any of this. It simply means taking what you learned yesterday and finding peace, gratitude, and achievement in today, no matter what’s going on. It means not becoming perfect, but becoming an expert at
being you.

Even though I love my job, my favorite job is being mommy. Life is good. Chocolate is better, but life is good. I almost always wake up refreshed (as refreshed as I can be with a one-year-old!) and confident in the day ahead. However, it wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was the last person who could help anyone be better.

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