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One of the joys of owning a dog for many people (and their dogs) is getting out in the world. For the dogs, sniffing, peeing, saying hello to fellow dogs and humans makes their day. For the owner, dogs attract attention, help their owner meet new friends, improve the exercise quality of their life and contribute to their well being.

. . . If the dog is well behaved. If not, you may find yourself running through the streets after an escape, defending rude behavior or just be embarrassed over it, and looking for ways to leave your house alone without stress because Rowdy Rover will utilize his piercing eye stare for leaving him behind.

This eBook is a guide on how to cope well in a variety of situations with a dog you will be proud of most of the time. You and your dog will be welcomed in a variety of environments the more competent you both become at knowing how to act in public.

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