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Designing Your Ideal Life

With this ebook, Achieving Your Highest Vision of Yourself, I hope to help you design your ideal life.

One of the most important goals that you can ever set for yourself is how you spend your time across your entire life. I call this concept “equilibrium.” Now, some people call it “life balance,” but I don’t really think you can truly balance – in terms of spending equal time in each – the different areas of your life, because you have to work. You can’t spend eight hours a day at work, eight hours a day with your husband, eight hours a day with your children. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, so I call it “equilibrium.”

What does it look like to you to feel that you are spending the correct amount of time in each of the various areas of your life? This is a very hot topic, because we’re all working so hard for so many hours, that balance – equilibrium – can be tough to achieve. You have a real commitment to your job, a real commitment to your family, your personal life, yourself and community. So, it’s challenging because high achievers love their work lives and their personal lives, often with equal vigor, and they don’t want to give up either one. Many professionals find it difficult to participate fully in one area without sacrificing the other.

As the Productivity Pro®, I often give speeches on equilibrium, so it’s odd because people – I think – expect more out of me, or expect that it’s somehow easier for me than anyone else. That’s not so. Being a professional speaker and author places extra demands on our family since I am out of town to speak, so it’s never easy. Don’t think this is going to be something simple for me or for you.

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