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Nothing is more frustrating than going out for an evening walk with your dog only to come home angry, frustrated and too full of energy to sleep. Your dog comes home frustrated, confused and has another notch of fear and worry in their collar over your erratic behavior during the walk.

If you could trust your dog, then the battle over not pulling on the leash and coming when called immediately would be over. Imagine a walk in the park or neighborhood, enjoying one another’s company and the walk itself. If you find yourself walking alone just to get some peace and quiet from your dog, this is the training guide for you.

The safety recall is one of the most critical skills you can teach your dog. If your dog does not sit, stay or rollover, as long as he comes when called, you’ve done a great job!

Loose leash walking and the safety recall will take discipline and persistence on your behalf, but the rewards of a few weeks of intense work (sometimes less) will affect the rest of your lifelong relationship with your dog.

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