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It Is Possible

Is there any area of your life where being confident, poised and feeling good about yourself would not be of benefit?

With this program you can begin building an unshakeable belief in yourself. Through using these highly refined strategies you can start generating the beliefs and attitudes that are crucial to the mind set of success.

Defeated Self-Image

Born in 1606, the 9th child of a moderately well to do family this boy suffered from severe self doubt and lack of confidence. He was known to have long bouts of depression during which he would sit alone in a shared bedroom.

School for him was a trial. Though he worked hard at his subjects, Latin,which was considered the most essential skill to any well bred Dutchman, eluded him. The more he struggled with Latin the worse he felt about himself. In the competitive school he attended most of his fellow classmates had little to do with him because he was not considered bright enough.

To occupy his time when he should have been working on his studies, he often doodled. As he got closer to his teen years his lack of confidence and low self-esteem worsened and his bouts of depression lengthened. This downward spiral resulted from listening to the negativity of what others said about him, desperately worrying his parents.

His one activity that was semi-good was that he would draw caricatures of people and rough sketches of his environment. His mother and father discussed repeatedly that scholarship was never going to be his strength and that with luck he would find some career to support himself.

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