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Website Development Tools – Building the Perfect Online Money Machine

There are plenty of reasons to start an online business. You may want to join the ranks of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs because you want to escape a grueling rush hour and the toil or even the mind games of the workaday world. Maybe you’re drawn to the idea of creating an online business because of the promise of prosperity and the low start up costs. Maybe you’re forward thinking, and you recognize the trend toward interconnected worldwide business. Perhaps you already have a brick and mortar business, and you want to fulfill your customers’ expectations by providing information, products and services online.

What was appealing about the Internet lifestyle in the beginning has been transformed as the concept of online business ownership has become more popular, or even mainstream. Once the image of the online marketer was associated the techno geek, typically a young pasty-faced guy who stayed up all night writing code, putting out flames on forums, or giggling maniacally into his webcam like a modern day mad scientist. Not pretty.

While this notion that you had to be a techno geek to build a website wasn’t far off the mark some 10 or 12 years ago, these days the picture of the online marketer is a little closer to the everyday world of mom and pop shops, stay-at-home moms, retirees looking to boost their pension checks, or high school kids who’d rather make their spending money online than delivering pizza.

All of these are compelling reasons to hang up your virtual shingle in the digital realm. But I’ve got to tell you, while they’re the result of intelligent self-interest, in and of themselves, they mean very little to Google and the major search engines. The reality is that while your own reasons for creating a website are valuable inasmuch as they’ll keep you going when the going gets tough, the world online is truly the great equalizer.

Why Be In Business?

The biggest reason to be in business is to bring value to the marketplace. You can only do this by being of service to the people you would like to call your customers. If you provide enough value, you can set yourself free financially. It’s very democratic. The power in having a website is that if you keep the focus on the parameters that count, you have a 100% equal opportunity to achieve online business success. The key factor that counts online is whether or not you’re providing enough value to your prospects and customers. Your website is like the setting for the jewel that is your core offering.

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