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Get Rid Of Stress And Burnout

Types of Burnout

  1. Do you ever just lay awake at night with all those to-dos running around in your head going, “Stop it! Stop it!“ and you just can’t sleep? These are physical signs of stress. Some people have a social distress, signs that include withdrawal from personal relationships.
  2. Social Burnout: Some people are walking around the office and freaking out all the time. They have social burnout. They don’t have time for friends or activities that they used to have time to do.
  3. Cerebral Burnout: You’ve probably experienced this at some point. Cerebral burnout is where your brain feels overloaded. Have you ever walked into work one morning and looked at your desk and all your crap, and had no idea where to start? This is where you get absent-minded. Perhaps you put your keys down and you don’t know where. Time drags in this stage. Have you ever felt like an hour has passed, and you look at your watch and it’s only been ten minutes? This is a real physiological brain phenomenon called cerebral burnout. This is when you stop making decisions because you’re just so freaked out.
  4. Emotional Burnout: This is where you become overwhelmed by really heavy feelings; sadness, for example, or anger. Have you ever had dinner with your family or something, and everyone’s eating and then all of a sudden you feel so sad? Then there are these really passive-aggressive people. On the outside, they’re like “Sure, I’d be happy to do that,“ while inside they’re going, “Jerk, jerk, jerk.“ This is where clinical depression can set in; this is also where we pick up addictions, because it’s like “I don’t know what else to do. Where’s the Miller guy? Where are the drugs? Where’s the gambling? Give me the sex.“ Everybody has an addiction, they say. We kind of lean somewhere.
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