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Leave The Office Earlier: How to Strike a Balance Between Workplace, Productivity and Employee Burnout

How many of you want to get out of the office earlier? Well, with the strategies in this ebook, you can cut down on the number of hours you’re working – and help your employees do the same.

These strategies will help you increase employee retention and morale, and at the same time keep results where they are, at the very least. Ultimately, your charge is to offer training and programs that increase employee productivity. You won’t have very happy customers if productivity goes down. Remember, the title up there is not Leave the Office Early. We are not talking about playing hooky here. We need to do our work and put in our time.

I’m sure that many of you have noticed that working hours have climbed steeply in the past few years, and a 40-hour work week is pretty much a myth. When we see people working 50, 60, or 75 hours a week or more, we have to figure out how to have a life. Are you finding that some of your key employees are leaving your organization in droves in search of a better life? There have been many studies that have shown that as the economy improves, we’ll see people jumping ship, saying, “I’ve had enough.” Have you had enough?

In this ebook, I’ll discuss ways that you can facilitate some cultural shifts within your organization, and act as a change agent to achieve the mutual goal of productivity from organizational and human perspectives, so that you both win.

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