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Motivation, Ability, and Obstacles

This ebook will explain ways that you can manage employee performance. It will cover some of the issues that impact your employees’ ability to give you stellar performance every day, including their motivation, ability, and obstacles.

Included are tips for analyzing performance issues, as well as ways to create a motivational environment. You’ll also learn about ways to provide constructive criticism and helpful feedback to the low-performing employee.

Finally, the ebook will give you pointers for performing one of the most difficult tasks that can face a manager: taking corrective action.

Analyze the Problem

When you analyze performance problems – that is, when you look at why people are not getting their jobs done – the first thing that we, as new managers, have to understand is that it’s not always about their motivation. Success on the job can also be facilitated or hindered by other factors.

Let’s consider two people, Robin and Chris. They could be male or female with those names. They both graduated from college with degrees in Elementary Education, and then they took jobs as first grade teachers, but in different school districts.

Robin was immediately confronted with a number of obstacles on the job: a large class with forty-two students, a small and dingy classroom, and inadequate supplies.

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