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Why People Behave That Way

We’re going to be looking at central elements to running your mind more effectively, and achieving what you desire easier and faster in the process.

At the beginning of 2010, it was reported in the news that four boys, aged 13 to 16, attacked a homeless man while he slept. They beat him so severely he died. On the opposite end of that coin, there’s Mother Teresa of India. She lived her life in such a way that she spent all of her time assisting people in poverty to help them in the situation they were in. To assist the unfortunate, the starving masses.

There are also people like Saddam Hussein, who focused primarily on self-gratification and power, versus somebody like Bill Gates, who is spending a significant portion of his and Warren Buffett’s fortunes to help eradicate disease and help the entire planet.

Why do these people behave as they do? It’s because of the pain and pleasure principle. Everything we do, we do for one of two reasons—to get pleasure or to avoid pain. These are the basic driving forces that shape all aspects of our life. These are the drivers of human existence.

The reason you work the job you work, the reason you have the hobbies you do and gave up the other ones, the reason you have the family you have, the reason you have children or do not have children, the sports that you choose to play or not play, the books you read, the movies you go to, the exercise programs you do or avoid doing are all the result of pain and pleasure.

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