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It Started Back There….

Here’s a major concept about how you became who you are today.

When you were young, your self-image was developed primarily from two things: 1) what others said to you about you, and 2) from what you overheard others say about you. Your ears have always worked. And from the time you were tiny your brain has been recording input, sounds, ideas, concepts, thoughts and things other people say around you—some good, and some not so good.

Sometimes negative programming occurred, because someone would say something about you or directed towards you, maybe a criticism or a correction, and what they said just gets accepted into your subconscious memory bank. You have unlimited potential to add in good or to add in negative, it goes either way.

When we’re very young, up until about age four, five or maybe even six years old, when people around us who we love or care about say something, we unquestioningly accept it as true. We just put it right into our heads. We oftentimes don’t think whether it’s good or bad, it just goes right into our brain.

We have a tendency to then live by what other people say about us, good or bad. Those things that go in that are positive, great. Those things that are criticisms or put-downs or things that talk about what’s wrong with us also get accepted just as readily.

For example, here are a couple of case studies. I’ve changed the names of the individuals to insure their anonymity.

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