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Introduction To Twitter Traffic

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that is gaining importance in business. If you aren’t doing Twitter, you are missing opportunities. Similarly, if you aren’t optimizing your Twitter presence, you are also losing opportunities.

This SkillBite covers how to maximize your results from Twitter. In particular, you will learn:

  • How to create a Twitter account,
  • How to optimize your account,
  • How to build a loyal following,
  • How to automate your tweets,
  • How to expand your outreach,
  • How to get your followers to visit your website,
  • How to use Twitter to enhance your search engine optimization of your website, and
  • Where to find some useful plugins for your Twitter account.

What Is Twitter

Twitter is a communication vehicle by which people within a community post short comments referred to as “tweets”. Tweets are short messages and updates that people send out to everyone who chooses to follow them. Each time a tweet is submitted, it shows up on the public timeline (an aggregate display of all tweets, in chronological order) and is pushed down as other, newer tweets are circulated throughout the network.

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