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My business mission is to help people become more productive. Why? With productivity increases, you can get your work done more efficiently, so you can leave the office earlier and get home to your life. Ultimately, that is why we work and that is what our lives are all about: love. You didn’t think you’d hear me start by saying Productivity Equals Love, did you?

My seminar participants tell me they are working longer and harder than ever before. You may feel completely overwhelmed, overcommitted, and stressed right now, especially if some people have recently left your organization (voluntarily or not). Perhaps you are now doing the work of two, three, or four people. You may be feeling particularly strapped and putting in very late hours.

I have three children—two younger boys and a teenage girl. Just like you, we are trying to keep track of school events, handle their activities, work full time, and try to spend time with each other, friends, and family. I know that many of you feel like there is no time for yourself—you are the very last person who ever gets any attention. A good result from reading this eBook would be for you to gain more time for yourself.

Let’s begin by looking at an overall concept of time. Let’s discuss the issue of making time for the things that are really important to you. I specifically chose the words “making time.” You’ll never “get” time; you have to make time for things that are important. This is completely within your control. Time itself can’t be managed, of course (you can’t create a 30-hour day if you a stellar job at it).

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