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Job interview tips are a dime a dozen on the internet these days. You can find volumes of “how to” information from the internet, books, and magazine articles. How do you decide what advice provides the biggest potential to actually get you hired?

Some people will tell you that writing a killer cover letter will get you in the door, while others (including me!) will tell you that most people who review resumes for a living are too busy to read them.

There seem to be so many rules that go into making a good impression on a hiring manager. And the frustrating thing to most candidates is that the experts can’t agree on what those rules should be. Conflicting advice is really not helpful when so much is riding on your performance.

After years of interviewing candidates, we’ve assembled our top ten interview tips that we know can make a difference. These are the same tips we share with our candidates as they’re getting ready to interview with our clients. We think you’ll find them helpful. So, here we go!

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