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Develop the Right Mindset

Quoting my husband, Eric Newcombe…“People spend 99% of their time telling themselves they are unable to accomplish a task because they are scared.”

Your mindset is key to your business success and it is critical to becoming a successful government contractor. In order to experience your maximum business potential, the entire process begins with a complete shift in the way you think about doing business with the government, because with the wrong mindset you are doomed to fail.

What is mindset? According to the Encarta World English Dictionary, it is a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines somebody’s behavior and outlook. I define it as an attitude that allows us to see the connection between our business beliefs and that of the larger organization, be it government, non-profits, or private sector. In understanding this connection, we gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for our business and others in this diverse world of business.

Changing your mindset is all about having the right attitude and while that is not something that comes automatically, a positive attitude can be one of the greatest assets that you can nurture in your business. It will determine how far your company will go in developing and achieving new outcomes.

In a perfect world, a business owner’s attitude is reflected in their business thoughts, beliefs about the business and the image of their business. Business owners often choose to have a positive attitude no matter what economic times they are facing. As the CEO, if you have a positive attitude, you will attract good things to your business, such as positive employees that believe in you and positive customers that trust you and depend on your services or products. The good news is that you have complete control over both situations, and if done properly, you will increase your business’ bottom-line.

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