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Before you start interviewing

Carefully analyze your needs and answer the question do I need to hire someone at this time? Keep in mind the first part of the first syndrome explained above: “Too quick to hire….”. So, unless your analysis clearly indicates that you have a need, don’t be in a rush to hire (be careful of the second syndrome) but keep in mind that the best people likely are not looking through the classified ads but working at a competitor; thus, if you have an opportunity to recruit a great prospect, don’t lose it if you can afford it. If you decide to hire someone, try to hire from within first as this has many advantages such as:

  • You already know the person, capabilities, behavior and performance.
  • person already knows the company and its employees so the adaptation is much easier.
  • As an established employee he/she (presumably) fits the culture of the company.
  • You save the expense and energy necessary to select and hire a new employee.
  • You set a motivating precedent in the organization by rewarding good employees.

If the open position represents a promotion, start by interviewing your best employees that you consider qualified for the position. Evaluate their fit in the job and in the organization and make sure their interest is not just about a promotion or money, but a real interest in the opportunity to perform the job. Be careful too of not creating resentment among other employees.

Be mindful of the expense of hiring employees; it isn’t just the added salary that would impact the bottom line of the company, but many other expenses associated with the search and hiring of new employees, as shown below. Make sure these expenses are budgeted and allocated and form part of the hiring plan.

Recruiting, hiring, training and firing are all very expensive processes, so if you decide to hire someone, make sure this hire is needed and make sure it is done right.

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