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Day 1: Notify, Gather, Secure


Notify the Funeral Director. The funeral director is your first telephone call. No matter what final disposition of the body will take place, the body needs to be removed from wherever it is and prepared for burial.

Notify Family and Friends. Consider utilizing Social Media. This is becoming a common tool especially because it can be done quickly. With your first few telephone calls to family members, ask for their help in contacting others; for example, the deceased’s employer, colleagues, pastor, neighbors, distant relatives, and close friends.

Notify the Attorney and Accountant. There is quite a lot of paper work that will need to be found, filed, and distributed before and after the funeral. Your call to the attorney and accountant will put these processes into action.

Notify the Post Office. You must arrange for the mail of the deceased to be held or forwarded.


You must gather two things: people and papers.

Gather the Important People. With those closest to you, begin to think about the day and location of the funeral as well as the clothing to be worn for burial. These are the first decisions that need to be made. When you meet with the funeral director tomorrow (Day 2), these decisions will have to be finalized. This first gathering is a preparation for that meeting.

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