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Small Steps To Slim

Small Steps to Slim is an easy and effective guidance program that will help you incorporate small, healthy, sustainable changes into your lifestyle. All you have to do is repeat these steps week after week to achieve a lighter, sexier, healthier you.

Why Small Steps To Slim Works

It is my own life and professional experiences that led me to come up with this process. I was a dietitian in a hospital, and I handed out meal plans that most people did not follow. That experience made me wonder why people aren’t sticking to their lifestyle changes. Through much research and more credentials and certifications, I discovered the solution…

The only way to lose weight for good is to make small, gradual, healthy, lasting changes to your eating and exercise habits. Instead of making drastic changes that are unrealistic to maintain, in this book, you will learn to focus on making gradual changes that are easier to stick with permanently.

Your lifestyle and current habits are unique to you, which is why your changes will be unique to you as well. In this program, you will be deciding what is realistic for you, and you will progress at your own pace.

It’s important to point out that this program starts by developing a foundation for weight loss. Most people don’t work on the foundation and just jump right in. This leads to failure, because they aren’t committed, motivated and ready to make the changes they need to make. It’s time to discover a new you: a lighter, sexier, healthier you. Let’s get started by building that foundation right now!

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