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  1. If you want to do less and have more, identifying your passion is important.
  2. Passion can give us energy to handle the things that overwhelm us. When you are in touch with your passion, you have more energy, vitality and creativity.
  3. The happiest people know that passion lives inside of them and the secret to a fulfilling life is to find ways to consciously design more of what they love into their everyday existence.
  4. Begin to recognize who you are passionate about being rather than just what are you passionate about doing. Why? Because the broader your area of passion, the more places you can express it.
  5. For some, taking what you love and turning it into a vocation would kill the passion. For others, being paid for doing what you love would be the ultimate dream come true.
  6. Once you know your passion, you can actively design the life you want and put more passion and vitality into your life, regardless of what you are doing, where you are doing it or who you are doing it with.
  7. Live “on purpose” by designing a blueprint for achieving what you want and you will streamline the process of reaching your dreams.
  8. If what you want is to live life fully, have fun and wonderful relationships at work and at home, and ultimately make your dreams come true, it is essential that you explore your purpose.
  9. Passion is the access to ease, and the way to tap your passion is through your life’s purpose. Your purpose is who you are or what gets you excited. I might even say that your purpose is remembering why you’re here.
  10. Start with your purpose and rest assured that you will accomplish things faster and easier when you are passionate and “on purpose.”
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