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Our lives are filled with choices. Every day we have the opportunity to choose so many things, and this book is about using it all and learning to replace the “this or that” choice with “this and that.”

There is a powerful energy that becomes available to us as we learn how to hold two things at once. And then there is integration, which is the art of bringing things together in order to have more. Sometimes integration combines many things and can help make something stronger or a little easier.

My friend Gary uses integration to create more balance in his life. He practices bringing his daily personal and spiritual practices into alignment with the business portion of his life. He doesn’t want to choose this or that. He practices being centered. He works at being a whole and balanced person, producing in the real world.

Balance is an interesting concept, for we each have a different and unique balance point. Working 10- or 12-hour days may be in balance for some, where others go completely out of balance if they have to go to an office every day. It’s empowering to know what works for you and where your balance point is, both personally and professionally. When is “it” too much and when is “it” not enough? Balance is about knowing and noticing what you need at any moment and, most important, about shifting from where you are to where you need to be.

I spent more than 10 years as what I would call a serious businesswoman. That was my life. I had no time to play, to cook, to socialize, and most important no time to take care of me. I didn’t even take the time to know myself. Integration and balance were missing. I was very one-dimensional.

I moved out West with the intention of changing my lifestyle, and I did. Every aspect of my life slowed down, deepened and became richer. I learned to breathe and to actually smell the roses. For more than a year, I did what I needed to do professionally to get by, but mostly I healed myself. I met myself for the first time and took the necessary time to begin to know myself and my needs. I said “no” a lot and kept to myself. And soon the phone stopped ringing. It was a little scary, but I knew it was what I needed.

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