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To initiate something is to begin something, so this is the perfect place to start. It’s about moving to a better place; about waking up and remembering who you are and how you want your life to be. It’s time to reclaim the true you.

There is a place inside of you that knows life is more about how you live and less about what you achieve. This book is designed to help you remember what it’s like to live your life fully and create what you want. Sometimes initiation comes and goes unnoticed or unnamed. Sometimes it’s very obvious. I hear from people who have lost their vision or their way; from people who are tired and from people who are craving a reconnection to their heart and soul. They are seeking what’s next. They are seeking an initiation.

An initiation into what you may ask? Into a life that holds more. We seem hungry to live life differently, to feel more alive and more inspired; to reconnect to our passion, to our hopes and our desires. Sometimes we may seek out the initiatory process, but often it seeks us. Something starts to push from the inside out and simultaneously from the outside in. Eventually you can no longer live the life you have been living. So, what comes next?

What makes these experiences and initiations different from everyday life, is that they profoundly change us. We learn from them, and hopefully often share what we have learned with others. We become students and we become teachers.

Often the biggest initiations, the occurrences that can change or affect us the most, are done by or with the guidance of other people; people who know and understand things that we don’t. Hopefully, these are people who we trust, so we can become vulnerable and ultimately changed by the experience.

Insight and initiation are so powerful because we don’t just realize something “in our head.” Some of the choices we make are not just nice ideas, but necessary. Perhaps they are even essential to change who you are and how you live you life.

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