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Growth of Skill and Passion

For years they’d watched him sketch, and wondered if perhaps he could find a way to grow his skill in art. So at age 15, he was apprenticed to a history book artist. From the one-on-one mentoring he received, his skill and technique rapidly evolved, and his confidence and belief in himself began to expand.

By age 19 he began to do privately commissioned artworks and personal portraits for the wealthy. At this time he also opened his own studio and began to privately tutor a handful of other artists.

By age 22 he was beginning to be known as a master of portrait painting. At that time he painted the portrait of the Dutch Prince Frederick Hendrick, and became famous throughout Europe as a result of his amazing work for the Prince and for other members of the Court of Haig.

Until he died in 1669, Rembrandt van Rijn was highly regarded for his numerous contributions to painting, etching and teaching of hundreds of artists—many of whom went on to become famous themselves.

In a letter he wrote to one of his brothers, Rembrandt said that his art didn’t really begin to be exceptional until he began feeling good about himself as a person. That as he liked himself better, it opened his creativity. It lifted his spirits and allowed him to begin truly delving deep into his own talents.

As he felt better about himself his skill blossomed overcoming those limiting beliefs that gave him low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. It opened him to his potential and helped him enjoy his life and furthered his growing skill.

The Ways Emotions Are Created

Why does low self-esteem or low self-confidence happen? There are many reasons but the primary cause is our own negative thinking and negative self-talk patterns.

Medicine and psychology say there are only four primary ways that all emotions are created.

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