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“I myself have similar commitments that will require all my available cash. We plan to spend any excess cash above our expenses this year on X.”

End with a goodwill statement about the outcome of the situation or resolution of any problem. “I do hope you can resolve the issue.” “I’ll hope to hear that you’ve been able to handle the situation on your own.” “I hope you’ll understand. I do value our relationship and want what is best for both of us.”

In delicate matters such as lending, borrowing, and collecting, tone becomes very important in reaffirming commitments and in keeping any personal relationship in tact.

On other miscellaneous matters of banking, finance, and taxes, summarize your message succinctly without irrelevant detail: What do you want your reader to know or do? Include all necessary dates, account numbers, amounts, full names, form or receipt numbers so they can investigate your history and situation with ease. The image that you create in your writing style and with your thoroughness often makes an impression that spills over into the business transaction and decision itself.

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