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If you’re calling a client, specify the action you want, supply all the details they need to take action, and don’t necessarily ask for a call back. Instead, give clients options to reply. Ten to one, they’ll reply in writing so they can control the length of the interaction and respond on their own schedule.

Tip 3: Hook a Funny Bone

If you’ve left several messages with a prospect or buyer or written a couple of times and received no response, you may want to try a humorous “checklist” sent by email, LinkedIn, text message, or regular mail. If your Recluse has a sense of humor, this often breaks the ice and generates a call back or a more elaborate email response that answers your real, earlier messages.

Mr. Recluse:

I’ve tried several times but have been unable to reach you. Please check your response below:

___We’re in crisis mode. We’re all bleeding. Call 911.

___I’m working under a hectic deadline. Call me back in ___ days.

___I’m asking ___ to handle this for me. You can reach her/him at ____ and I’ll let him/her know to expect a contact from you.

___I got your earlier voice mails, and I did it already!

___I’m really a nice person. I just don’t like to talk on the phone. Please send me your literature, telling me all about it. I promise to take a look.

___Go away. You’ve got the right person, but I have no interest, none, nada, zip, zero.

___Do you want me to call my friend Guido?

Most will have a sense of humor and respond. Some will not have a sense of humor—but will be ashamed to admit this deficiency. They’ll get the point, however, and move the action along because they do want to implement your solution or take a look at your offer.

Tip 4: Connect on a Personal Interest

Show a broader interest in Recluses than just what you can sell them. Forward a brochure on a trade show they might be interested in attending—one that your organization won’t be attending but that they might have interest in. Send something related to a Recluse’s hobby, hometown, health club, or children’s school.

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