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After awhile you get tired of being in the river and you want a break so you find yourself a nice sandy beach. You beach your canoe and you get out. You hike around a bit, just take a stretch and have some lunch.

Then when you’re ready, you get back into your canoe and launch again. You go back out in the river and paddle the rapids a little bit. Then you have a break and you fish or just sit back and look around for awhile, enjoying the moment and the scenery.

You do this until you’re ready to stop at the end of the day. You find a beach, you bank your canoe and you get out and pitch your tent, have your dinner and so on. The next day you go on and do the same thing.”

A Shift Occurred

What Dr. Vail talked about occurred in the beginning of the 1980’s. There was a shift in organizations and in government agencies. He said, “You take your canoe with all your gear and you launch off like usual. But as soon as you get out in the river it’s all whitewater, it’s rapids, and they’re pretty significant.

You battle the currents and you keep your boat going. You do what you need to. You fight through this process, which is really fun but after awhile you started getting tired. And you’re looking for a break, but there’s never a place where there isn’t whitewater. It’s everywhere.

As you’re paddling downstream, you’re also looking for a place to get a break. But, there’s no sandy beach. It’s like you’re boxed in by these high walls on each side, almost like a canyon. And the best you can do is every once in awhile you find this little out space in the river, where there’s a back eddy, by the canyon wall.

So you take your boat over there and just sit for a minute in the back eddy. You let your arms rest, because you’re really tired from paddling nonstop for hours. You have some lunch, then off you go—back out in the whitewater again. And you go, and you go, and you shoot the rapids and you keep going.

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