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Pain & Pleasure Drivers

Using the forces of pain and pleasure will allow you to bring lasting positive change to your life. If you don’t use this you’re caught up in having to live by reaction instead of by proactiveness.

Have you ever procrastinated? Why? Because on some level the thing that you are stalling on doing is more painful, more frustrating, or more scary, or perhaps harder than not doing it. Even if you know you’ll be in trouble if you don’t do it, the biggest pain wins. If doing it is more painful, you procrastinate. If the repercussions of not doing it are more painful then you will take action and quit procrastinating.

There are probably more times where you procrastinated doing something so long, that the pain or the pressure of not doing it got so large, that you finally took action. The pain of inaction grew greater than the pain of procrastination so you moved.

The Biggest Pain or Pleasure Wins

Do you remember the process of dating, or perhaps you are in the process of dating. Whether you’re male or female there is both pain and pleasure associated in the midst of dating. It is human nature to want to share our lives with another person. Not necessarily get married even, just have a companion we can enjoy our life with.

There’s pre-dating pain, there’s the pain of being alone a lot. You don’t have somebody to play, share and do things with. You miss having discussions of interest to you. You have a lack of sex. All the bills sit in your lap; you don’t have somebody to share the expenses with so to speak.

The pleasure of pre-dating is not having to be accountable to anyone. You don’t have to consider anyone else before you decide to do something or go take action on it. You could be a slob if you feel like it. You could watch shows you like to watch when you like to watch them. You get to keep the remote control to yourself; you don’t have to share it. So there is also pleasure in the pre-dating process.

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