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Living a dream-come-true life is more about creating a certain quality of life and less about finding a particular dream. But for many of us, this process often starts by discovering or accomplishing a special dream, such as establishing the relationship of our dreams or the career of our dreams.

When my friend Larry went off to Penn State, he was described as a “young genius,” since in high school he was
an honors student and a football star. It was shocking to us all, especially him, when he nearly flunked out during his
first semester. He dragged himself back into the architectural engineering program for as long as he could stand it, which wasn’t very long.

The truth was he was an artist, not an engineer. He dreamed of being the next Frank Lloyd Wright, but family
and friends from the small farm town where he grew up did not prize art. So he sold out on his dream by focusing more
on the technical side as opposed to the artistic aspect of architecture, which he loved. Finally, he just couldn’t take it any longer. As Larry began to find himself, he also found the strength and courage to pursue his own dream. He
reclaimed the artist that he is and now is living his dream as a successful designer.

It’s useful to know what our personal and professional dreams are and to come to terms with what we want. However,
keep in mind that ultimately what we are seeking is a new way of living. Although finding or making your dreams come true is wonderful, the essence of living a dream-cometrue life requires going deeper. The following pages will take you on this deeper journey.

It’s helpful to know what values matter to you at this particular time in your life. My friend Wendy is a successful
business coach. She empowers and inspires people to clarify their goals. What she personally is craving now more than anything else is more fun in her life.

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