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Do you see any problem with this? Do you see any conflicts that come up between his number one goal and his number one value? He couldn’t be home as much as he desired because he was gone selling. And when he was gone on the road selling, he felt guilty because he wasn’t home with his family. And often, when he was home, he felt guilty because he wasn’t out working and selling.

When we clarified what was really going on, and analyzed what his goals were and where he wanted to go, we figured out how to better support both his goals and his values. He found a way to diminish the amount of travel he had to do. He figured out higher quality ways that he could spend time with his family while still leaving time to take care of his customers.

After clarifying where he wanted to go in his future in both work and family, he no longer felt out of control and wanting to quit. His life was working more effectively. He actually became more productive because he was clear about what was really important to him. He figured out ways to go about doing it that didn’t detract from that which was most important to him in his life.

Yes, money was important and he wanted to do well professionally. He was a real competitor and wanted to be the best as far as selling and working within his organization but it was crucial to him that he make sure that he had time for his relationships. So we found a way to balance those.

In your life you need to be really clear about what your most important goals are and you also need to be really clear about what you value. Because if those two things conflict or overlap in a way that is not healthy, what happens is that you have inner turmoil.

So we’re going to spend some time looking at how to begin making sure that your goals are on track and they’re aligned with your values. How to take the things that are most important to you and make them come alive in your mind and in your life to help you get where you want to go easier and faster.

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