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3. I forget my keys, deadlines or commitments. Are you the type who walks into a room and thinks, “What was I doing here, again?“ If you feel a little brain-dead, you might put yes on this one.

4. I don’t have time to meet friends for lunch. Has your social life really taken a backseat because you just don’t have an hour or two to get away?

5. I have various physical ailments. Sleep problems, colds, headaches, high blood pressure? How have you been feeling lately, in terms of your physical self?

6. I eat too much or don’t exercise. How would you rate your behavior in this area?

7. I’m no longer able to laugh at jokes. How’s your sense of humor been lately? Do you feel like it’s gone AWOL, or that you I have no sense of humor any longer?

8. I feel I have lost my sense of humor. It’s not there. I don’t feel creative. I don’t have the ability to look at things lightly. I take things very seriously. I’ve just been so stressed out. Anything that happens just kind of sends me over the wall. How’s your temper?

9. I feel irritable and especially impatient toward people who interrupt my work. When a coworker innocently pops over to your desk and says, “Hey, got a minute?“, do you feel like strangling that person? Do you feel calm and in control, or do you feel completely out of control?

10. I actually feel restless if I’m less than constantly busy. Do you even know what doing nothing looks like any more, and if you were doing nothing, would you be able to stand it? Or would you suddenly make yourself busy again?

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